Noodles & Company

So if you are gluten free you probably want to stay away from noodles. That is unless the pasta is not made of wheat. I recently went to Noodles & Company. I ordered the Pad Thai it was yummy. So its nice to know you have options when friends want to go to this restaurant. I go out to eat a lot with my boyfriend who will be happy to know there are other options than just sushi, salads, and nachos.

“We sell noodles, and a lot of them, so we can’t guarantee that your food won’t come into contact with gluten, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. So if you’re looking to reduce gluten, try these dishes with rice noodles. There is no gluten in the ingredients”

Penne Rosa
Pesto Cavatappi
Pasta Fresca
Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine Spaghetti with Marinara
Buttered Noodles

Here are some other dishes you might try that do not have gluten in the ingredients:

Pad Thai
Chinese Chop Salad with fat-free Asian dressing and

no wonton strips
The Med Salad without cavatappi noodles
Caesar Salad without croutons
Tossed Green Side Salad with fat-free Asian dressing  Cucumber Tomato Side Salad

Nutrition info



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