New Grains Bakery

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New Grains Bakery is a Gluten Free only bakery. I had the opportunity to tour through the bakery. The owners, Nicole and Tim welcomed me to their home.  They showed me how just a few employees and the family can produce delicious breads, cookies, and flour mixes to be sold in grocery stores in nine states.  The company is definitely a labor of love. Tim suffers from the full-blown auto immune disease, Celiac Sprue. Tim also had a very long frustrating battle to find out what was really wrong with him.

After meeting Tim and Nicole I know that they are not in the business to make money. I know they work really hard to make a product that any one would eat because it tastes so good. They also try to keep costs down for the customer. One way they keep costs down is by grinding their own flours. As we all know specialty ingredients like xanthan gum can make gluten-free products much more costly than wheat based products.

The company is fairly new and is working to get the product out to more people. If you don’t see it in your store ask them to get it. You can also order online at .

Everything that I have tried I love. It doesn’t seem like I am being punished, which is how I feel  when I taste what some gluten-free brands have to offer. I am new to the GF world I can still remember how cookies and breads should taste. I went to school for Culinary Arts I am a bit of a food snob, but I would be proud to recommend any and all New  Grains Bakery products.

I have tried the sour dough bread and I made it into a grilled turkey and swiss sandwich on my George Foreman grill. I was just so happy I could eat a sandwich. I have tried the pink cookie with sprinkles and even my boyfriend who is not celiac begs me for a bite.
I love the Marvelous Multigrain Bread for tuna sandwiches and pb&j. This bread is great for toast and eggs for breakfast as well as toasted with butter and jam. Nicole told me that I should separate the bread into sandwich bags and freeze them so I could use a little at a time since I am the only one eating it. Since this bread doesn’t have preservatives it can get hard if not cared for. I took her advice and froze bags of 3 slices then i just defrost it in the fridge and eat it the next day and it tastes fresh.

New Grains Bakery has flour mixes as well. The all-purpose flor can substitute any wheat flour in a regular recipe. This makes things a lot easier and I have found that these items taste better than those I have tried to make from GF cook books.  I buy Newgrains products at Macey’s in Orem on the corner of State Street and 800 North. They have a New Grains Bakery display in the bakery (not the freezer).

I just love it and i know that when you get the chance you will love it too!!!!!


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