Accidental Gluten Consumption

So how many of us have accidentally consumed a seemingly gluten free food to find out it has hidden gluten? I have been trying really hard lately to stay away from wheat, barley, malt, and rye. I can’t afford to only buy products that have gluten free labels. The companies have to be approved by agencies ensuring that they are certified to boast the seal of gluten free.  I don’t know but I hope that I won’t get sick if something I eat is made in a factory that makes another product containing gluten.

So I am looking for something to eat in my office break room. in the pantry I find Knorr pasta sides as well as rice sides. Well pasta is a no go for obvious reasons. I flip over the rice sides package and read the bold allergy information located after the ingredient list. It says a few things but does not say contains wheat. It does say something about being made in a factory that may process wheat ingredients.

So I cook the “rice” . When I start eating this broccoli cheddar rice I realize that that is not just rice. I am so mad. Now I see that there are little noodles cut to the length of the rice. Oh No! I am going to be sick in a little while. How dare they not label the package better.

I guess it is my fault after looking more closely it says the word pasta on the front of the package. So lesson learned read the entire ingredient list don’t rely on the bold allergy information.





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