Christmas in a small town

I spent two weeks of my Christmas break in Oregon. It was my birthday so my parents and I went out t eat at the nicest place in town. A hometown family restaraunt specializing in  seafood. I asked the server if I could get the seafood sampler prepared a different way. She said instead of battered and fried I could get it sautéed. She brought a mini what loaf bread and three plates. I chose salad instead of soup because of course their clam chowder does contain flour. When my salad came I picked off the croutons. I guess this is a boring story about what I ate but I promise it will lead into something.

So my seafood sampler was halibut chunks, shrimp, and scallops serves in a clear glass bowl full of melted butter and white wine.

Later at the grocery store we found a refrigerated section with gluten free cheesecake and cupcakes. A small box of 4 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting seemed appropriate considering the occasion. They cost about a dollar  piece, that is $4 for the small box. The cashier commented that they looked good and that she was lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant but didn’t stick with the diet because it was too expensive. It seems like anything gluten free is 2 to 4 times more expensive than a comparable wheat based item.

My mom gave me a few gluten free mixes for cookies and bread and so forth for my birthday.

Every night we ended the evening by watching a movie. It seems like every Netflix movie was a dud. So I saw some documentaries that looked interesting. We watched Forks over Knives and my mom fell asleep. It mad some good points but I was totally convinced. The main point was to avoid meat and dairy. Then the next night I watched “Hungry for Change” by myself because my parents didn’t want to watch it with me. I found this one interesting and I agreed with everything said. I learned things I did not know for example MSG makes you fat and is used to make lab rats obese, that aspartame and caffeine combined kill brain cells and so many other things. All in all the main point was to eat a more plant based diet. To not restrict ourselves from anything but to have fruits and vegetables push out the bad foods.

So here comes the main conclusion: It is important to be nourished, individuals with celiac disease may not process nutrients as well as they should because of weakened bowels and such. “gluten free foods” those which are trying to mimic wheat based foods are full of strange ingredients and just because they do not have what they do have other ingredients that are not good. So instead of substituting I would guess it is healthier to avoid those types of foods all together. Either way I am eating more vegetables and fruits and not spending too much on foods labeled “gluten-free”.


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