Doctor’s Orders

I made an appointment to meet with a doctor at the Utah Valley University health clinic. I wanted to get a blood test to see if I really have celiac disease. I read somewhere online that you shouldn’t start a gluten free diet before you have a diagnosis. The reasoning behind the advice is based on the fact that a blood test will be negative for celiac disease if gluten is not present in the body. The test measures something in the blood that reacts to gluten in people who have celiac disease. I stopped eating food that contained wheat 5 months ago and I have noticed improvements in health. My mood has been better, my insides don’t hurt as often, my bones don’t ache, and I have a bit more energy.

So this is what happened at my appointment:

Doctor: Does your family have a history of celiac disease?

me: not that I know of.

Doctor: Well the blood test can be expensive and inconclusive.

Me: uh huh well…

Doctor: So what makes you think you have celiac?

Me: Well after meeting with a gastrointestinal doctor and having blood and stool samples taken nothing was conclusive and my insides still hurt… So I stopped eating wheat.

Doctor: Did it help? Do you feel better?

Me: Yeah, but I still feel sick.

Doctor: Well if you feel better than you are celiac? It takes six months to get a new bowel.

Me: ( thoughts in my head about how scientific doctors are these days followed by whats a “bowel” that takes six months and so on. )

So in the end she told me to take acidophilus  capsules to heal my gut. I am to open two capsules and sprinkle them on my food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I am to take two more unopened capsules with water before bed.

So thats that. I am celiac? ! Well I am so smart.